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Kid dream part VII: Game design II.

Hi I am back with game design continuum. I will try to describe the rest of my strategy game design. I want to keep it simple because it is my first complex game. So here it is...

There will be three ages for each side with a story background. The original inhabitants will copy some of the ship wreckers technologies by disassembling them during the conflict.

Ship wreckers steam age gunpowder age glorious age
Original inhabitants middle age steam age gunpowder age

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Kid dream part VI: Game design I.

It is time to describe a game design that I was working on in last days. It will be fun to observe what will change. I will start with the story. So here it is...

Story tasting
There was a lonely planet in deep universe occupied by a civilization about 500 000 people. Their technology level was comparable with medieval times on Earth. They were living in peace for last 50 years until something happened. Continue reading