About me

Hi my name's David Fišer I am computer enthusiast since I've first seen it. I was playing a lot of computer games in childhood. But unlike other kids I also liked exploring Windows operating system and creating new things. These kinds of interest leads me to start creating software. I started developing websites and I used these experiences at my first part-time job as a web developer where I also developed my first bigger software project import framework for travelling agency.

Life is change and after moving to Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic. I started studying at university and as I needed money for living I was looking for some job. So I started working for AVAST Software a company known for one of the best security product avast! antivirus.

I started this blog as a diary and for sharing my experiences. The first impulse was an advice of Jan Sedivy, a man responsible for eClub at Czech Technical University. Blog is a great diary where you can see your work results. When you solve some problem and publish a solution for them someone should use it and this was proven by my first blogpost about android development. It is a great motivator too thus you are still moving ahead.

Well you may ask why the hell he as Czech is writing in English? There are two reasons. There are more people using English language then Czech one. And the second is very simple it improves my English. 😉

Work life

  • since 2017 Security Researcher at Trend Micro
  • 2010-2017 Malware Analyst at AVAST Software a.s.
  • 2008-2010 Developer of web applications at Enjoy The Net s.r.o.



  • vulnerability research
  • reverse engineering and malware analysis
  • game development
  • mobile applications development
  • web development