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Kid dream, part III: Collection Manager

When I was describing Game Engine development in previous article I mentioned a collection manager tool. I also wrote that is not interesting well it wasn't because it looked very simple as you can see on the image bellow.

Old collection manager

I really hated it, it was good as working concept but if I want to manage a collection it was useless. It was designed for adding items one by one, so for adding 30 items you have to click 30 times to add button and also I don't like the design. You may say that the design is not so important and you may be right but I am the person who don't like using apps with bad GUI even that they are functional very well. So I've decided to redesign the whole tool. The result is shown on the next image. Continue reading

Kid dream, part II: Game engine

Hello again, as I've promised I'm here with the newest information about game development that I've announced in previous article. Today I will focus on development of game engine and support tools.

Just for reminder I want to create an isometric strategy game. Well it is not a real isometric projection at all. And that is because lines at real isometric projection are not smooth. So instead of it a dimetric projection is used in video games. For more information about this topic you can read this article on Wikipedia. Continue reading

Kid dream, part I: Public Announcement

When I was a kid and my father bought our first computer I was very curious what it is capable. I remember that I was exploring Windows 95 OS and his functions whole days. Well, Windows don't handle it well and they have to be reinstalled sometimes. 🙂

I also played games but they bored me for a while. And since I've first seen Visual Basic 4 I have a dream - create an own game, sell it and get rich :)).

After 14 years I could say that I created some games but if I don't count a Snake game and few TicTacToe games I never create a game that I wanted. So I have decided to do it after my successful bachelor's graduation. Continue reading