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Kid dream part X: Terrain texturing

As you might know I am able to generate interesting terrain meshes, now it is time to get some real look, so how? The answer  is simple - apply appropriate texture to the terrain mesh :-). How to get it? I bet that the best solution is to generate it procedurally, since the terrain is generated the same way..

The basic step is to generate terrain mesh, the mesh should be smooth. If not the result will be similar as on the following images.


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Kid dream part IX: Map and terrain generation

It has been a while since my last post. During that time I was trying to understand terrain generation techniques which I  will describe in this blogpost. It is the most interesting part that I've learned during the game development.

Main objective
The main goal is to advance from Transport Tycoon style map on first picture to map style which  you can see on the second picture.

The actual Map Editor eroded_fourier
transport tycoon style new style

The big question is: "How to achieve it?" Well there are several options how to do that. However, I didn't want to do a lot of handwork. So instead tile based map as I was trying to use this in the first Map Editor I was looking for something more cool. Continue reading

Kid dream part VIII: Multi-platform game loop

This article will be more technical then the previous ones and as I promised it will be about creating multi-platform game loop. I will set up objectives which I want to achieve then I describe some available options and finally tell you about my solution.

The main goal is to create game that will run on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X as well. I would like to keep it simple and with minimum platform dependent code. The first step is to render simple screen covered by "space" texture and displayed text on the bottom of the screen.

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Kid dream part VII: Game design II.

Hi I am back with game design continuum. I will try to describe the rest of my strategy game design. I want to keep it simple because it is my first complex game. So here it is...

There will be three ages for each side with a story background. The original inhabitants will copy some of the ship wreckers technologies by disassembling them during the conflict.

Ship wreckers steam age gunpowder age glorious age
Original inhabitants middle age steam age gunpowder age

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