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Kid dream part VI: Game design I.

It is time to describe a game design that I was working on in last days. It will be fun to observe what will change. I will start with the story. So here it is...

Story tasting
There was a lonely planet in deep universe occupied by a civilization about 500 000 people. Their technology level was comparable with medieval times on Earth. They were living in peace for last 50 years until something happened. Continue reading

Kid dream part V: (Re)start

I didn't give up as I wrote in previous article so  I am here again with fresh news about the development. Well I think about my first goal to make a strategy game with isometric view which should be the most important thing to focus.

Game focus
Since the main goal is creating the game I should think about the game and not the technology as before. I would describe some game craft that I would like to do. Continue reading

Kid dream part IV: Hangover & lessons learned

It has been since a while when I wrote last post. A lot of things happened from that time some of them were good and some were bad. The important message is that I didn't give it up. I guess I have to admit that my plan failed :). So I decided to write down a list of mistakes that I did. I think it is a good to have them documented and maybe it help you avoid them.

I think that the biggest mistake was that I forgot that I am a human being. I acted and planned like I was a machine. I thought that I will handle distance master study at university, a full-time job and developing a game in the evenings and of course a private life. It was ok for a short-time but also it was a long term suicide. Continue reading

Kid dream, part III: Collection Manager

When I was describing Game Engine development in previous article I mentioned a collection manager tool. I also wrote that is not interesting well it wasn't because it looked very simple as you can see on the image bellow.

Old collection manager

I really hated it, it was good as working concept but if I want to manage a collection it was useless. It was designed for adding items one by one, so for adding 30 items you have to click 30 times to add button and also I don't like the design. You may say that the design is not so important and you may be right but I am the person who don't like using apps with bad GUI even that they are functional very well. So I've decided to redesign the whole tool. The result is shown on the next image. Continue reading