Kid dream, part I: Public Announcement

When I was a kid and my father bought our first computer I was very curious what it is capable. I remember that I was exploring Windows 95 OS and his functions whole days. Well, Windows don't handle it well and they have to be reinstalled sometimes. 🙂

I also played games but they bored me for a while. And since I've first seen Visual Basic 4 I have a dream - create an own game, sell it and get rich :)).

After 14 years I could say that I created some games but if I don't count a Snake game and few TicTacToe games I never create a game that I wanted. So I have decided to do it after my successful bachelor's graduation.

Snake game

I successfully passed the final exam in June this year so  I think it is the right time to start and because I really want to do it I will share my progress on this blog. It will also increase pressure on me and as far as I know it is the best motivation to get things done.

I do not expect that I will get rich on this project :). Actually the game will be free to download after release. I just want to prove to myself that I am capable to finish a game project and let my dream come true.

So let's take a look on some technical details. I would like to build real-time isometric strategy for the Windows platform. I am also thinking about porting to android in  damn far future. But at first I want to build Windows version so I have chosen .NET framework's C# programming language because I am most familiar with it. During the development I also want to practise a MVP pattern.

I think that it is enough for now I know that I don't tell so much information about the game I will try to fix it next article where I will focus on the game engine and support tools development.