Kid dream part V: (Re)start

I didn't give up as I wrote in previous article so  I am here again with fresh news about the development. Well I think about my first goal to make a strategy game with isometric view which should be the most important thing to focus.

Game focus
Since the main goal is creating the game I should think about the game and not the technology as before. I would describe some game craft that I would like to do.

Well the isometric strategy game is pretty abstract term it is time to set up the limits. I was considering three possible ways.

a] historical strategy like AoE or AoM

b] war strategy like any of C&C or Earth 2140

c] combination of a and b, like Rise of Nations ( I imagine fight tank vs. horse rider 🙂 )

I was not sure but I chose c now. It is challenge to give it story that won't be stupid and it sounds like a challenge for me. What I had known for sure is that it will be a real-time strategy because I'm not a fan of turn based strategies.

I will be glad to have two or max three sides to play with single player for every side but I will focus on multiplayer over TCP/IP which is the key feature for me.

Well this is a little introduction I have to focus more on game design and game elements at first place. I will focus on main aspects that I want to try in next article.

There are some changes from recent project. The main change is programming language as you may known I have used C# with CsGl library. Since my plan was to do it multiplatform (OpenGL) the C# wasn't such a good choice but it is a language that I am most experienced with.

During the development I have recognized some specific problems with CsGl and C#. Their were all handled but it cost not a small amount of time. I have also worries about performance degradation.

I have decided to use C++ instead and also target Windows, Linux and MacOS. The decision was pretty simple according to multiplatform specification and my opinion on Java :D.

That is all from technical side for now I will share more details right after game design.

There are few things to be done. I will start with game design describing main game mechanics. The second goal is simple engine that runs at Win, Linux, Mac and will allow to test the strategy prototype. There won't be awesome graphics in prototype but it should be clear if it is fun or not.

I will try to focus more on the game instead of technology. After I solve the main questions of game design I will focus on small game engine that will implement these features.