Kid dream part VII: Game design II.

Hi I am back with game design continuum. I will try to describe the rest of my strategy game design. I want to keep it simple because it is my first complex game. So here it is...

There will be three ages for each side with a story background. The original inhabitants will copy some of the ship wreckers technologies by disassembling them during the conflict.

Ship wreckers steam age gunpowder age glorious age
Original inhabitants middle age steam age gunpowder age

I believe that the list of buildings is the part of game design that will change minimally. I've divided them by a category. I hope that it is clear from the table. If there is no age specified it means that the building is available from the first age.

Ship wreckers Original inhabitants
main building City center Town hall
people House Farm
wood Woodcutter (I. age)
iron Iron mine (I. age)
coal Coal mine (II. age)
quadroponium Underground mine (III. age) N/A
Technology center (III. age) Library (II. age)
Gun factory (II. age) Blacksmith
Barracks (I. age)
Factory (I. age)

This is the most important part for me. I guess that there should be a lot of changes. I know there is a few units here I believe that is enough for first game :). Here are my thoughts:

Ship wreckers: Original inhabitants:

  • Scout (I. age)
  • Soldier (II. age)
  • Sniper (III. age)

  • Javelineer (I.age)
  • Archer (I. age)
  • Knight (I. age)
  • Rifleman (III. age)

  • Steam tank (I. age)
  • Destructor (II.age)
  • Flying iont tank (III. age)

  • Catapult (I. age)
  • Steam tank (II. age)
  • Cannon (III. age)

  • Horse archer (II. age)
  • Horse knight (II. age)

Well, this is the second part of game design. I think that I've introduced the key  game mechanics.  There will be third part of game design for sure focused on the battle system and especially unit balancing but it is not a priority. I will focus on pure development instead and I will describe creating a multi platform game loop in next article.