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Android ADB with Prestigio MultiPad and Win7

When I want to setup USB debugging on my tablet I have to solve several issues. I have decided to write this step by step tutorial which shows how to make ADB working with Prestigio PMP5080CPRO tablet. This tutorial worked for me and analogical it should work with other android devices.

1. First of all you have to Enable the USB Debugging in the Developer settings.

2. Connect your tablet to the computer USB port.

3. Select MTP connection instead of Mass Storage (you can find it at Storage -> USB computer connection)

4. Right Click on Computer->Manage->Device Manager,  search for PMP5080C and update driver with Google USB Driver.

5. Download USBDeview. In program search "PMP5080 C PRO USB Device" and remember the Vendor ID for me it was 0x2207.

6. Open %UserDir%\.android\adb_usb.ini a write there the Vendor ID (0x2207).

7. Open command line at %android_sdk%\platform-tools\

8. adb kill-server

9. adb start-server

10. adb devices

And then you should view your tablet ID in the list.